Roles and permissions

Acquia CMS offers a number of roles that provide different levels of permission to users. For details, navigate to Manage > People > Permissions.


When creating a new user, ensure that you apply multiple roles and provide the necessary permissions. For example, to create a user who can create and publish content, you must apply the Content Author and Content Editor roles to the user.

Role Description
Administrator Has all permissions and access to all aspects of the site.
Low Code Site Builder Can create and edit Site Studio components.
Site Builder Uses Drupal site building tools, such as, to construct the site. No content privileges.
Content Administrator Has access to all content creation and management permissions.
Content Author Has access to create and manage their own content
Content Editor Has access to review and publish all content.
User Administrator Has access to administer and manage other users.
Anonymous User Can view published content.
Authenticated User Has access to create and manage their own content.
Frontend site with preview Has permissions entitled to a headless site to view and preview content.
Headless Administrator A frontend developer who interacts with Acquia CMS to build data models and configure connectivity with front end applications.

For more information, see Drupal’s roles and permissions.