Acquia CMS

Administration Interface

This section provides information about the Acquia CMS administration interface. To access this page and perform various operations, you must log in as an administrator with full access to all features.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/content page, you can:

  • Add new content

  • Update or delete existing content

  • Schedule content

  • Manage content workflow

  • View list of content and filter data as per their requirement

  • Manage files and media content easily


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/structure page, you can structure:

  • Content types

  • Media types

  • Display modes

  • Block creation and placement

  • Managing menu hierarchy

  • Handling operations like create, update or delete views and taxonomy.

Site Studio

The Site Studio menu is displayed within the Admin toolbar only if you opt for a low-code starter kit.

From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/cohesion page, you can:

  • Manage the components, templates and styles

  • Sync configuration while importing the Site Studio package or export complete config entities of Site Studio and its dependencies through UI. For more information, see Site Studio documentation.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/appearance page, you can manage the theme for administrative usage and end users.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/modules page, you can extend the capabilities of the system by installing and uninstalling the core, contributed or custom modules.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/config page, you can manage site configuration and settings or configuration forms coming from core features, or contributed or custom features.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/people page, you can:

  • Handle operations like create new users and update or delete existing users.

  • Add new roles and assign permissions based on user roles.


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/reports page, you can know about any updates of the modules, drupal core, or ACMS version.

The status report provides information about:

  • The general information system, such as Acquia CMS, PHP, web server, database, and last cron run

  • The list of modules under the warning and error section with the recommended libraries or dependencies


From the <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/tour page, you can understand Acquia CMS and get a brief guiding tour on how to use Acquia CMS for site management and content authoring.