Acquia CMS

Acquia CMS community modules

Acquia CMS leverages a number of widely used and popular Drupal community modules and JavaScript libraries:




Provides the functionality to handle postal addresses.

Admin Toolbar

Provides an improved dropdown menu interface to the site toolbar.

Admin Toolbar Extra Tools

Adds menu links such as Flush cache, Run cron, Run updates, and Logout under Drupal icon.

Automated Logout

Adds automated timed logout.


Provides the CAPTCHA API to add challenges to arbitrary forms.

Checklist API

Provides an API to create fillable, persistent checklists.


Makes individual blocks collapsible.

Config Filter

Ignores certain configurations during import.

Configuration Rewrite

Rewrites the existing configuration on module installation using a rewrite folder in the config directory.

Crop API

Provides storage and API for image crops.

Chaos Tools

Provides a number of utility and helper APIs for Drupal developers and site builders.

Default content

Imports the default content when a module is enabled.

Entity Clone

Adds a clone action for all entities.

Entity Reference Revisions

Adds an Entity Reference field type with revision support.

EU Cookie Compliance (GDPR Compliance)

Provides a GDPR cookie banner where you can gather consent from the user when the website stores cookies on the computer or otherwise handles personal information.


Provides search interfaces that can be used on Search API searches.

Facets Pretty Paths

Pretty paths for Facets.

Field Group

Provides the ability to group your fields on both form and display.

Focal Point

Allows users to specify the focal point of an image while cropping.

General Data Protection Regulation

Helps site administrators to follow the guidelines and legislation set by the European Union. For more information on using this module, see Getting started.


An API to geocode and reverse geocode data into other GIS data types.

Geocoder Address

Provides Geocoder integration with the Address module.

Geocoder Field

Geocodes the content of a field and stores the result in other fields and vice-versa.

Geocoder Geofield

Provides Geocoder integration with the contributed Geofield module.


Stores geographic and location data, such as points, lines, and polygons.

Imce File Manager

Provides a file manager supporting personal folders.


Manages meta tags for all entities.

Node Revision Delete

Tracks and prunes node revisions.


Provides a mechanism for modules to automatically generate aliases for the content they manage.


Publishes and unpublishes content automatically on specified dates and times.

Scheduler Content Moderation Integration

A Scheduler submodule that provides content moderation functionality for publishing and unpublishing.

Database Search

Offers an implementation of the Search API that uses database tables for indexing content.

Search API

Provides a generic framework for modules offering search capabilities.

Search API Autocomplete

Adds autocomplete functionality to searches.

Smart Trim

Provides a more robust alternative to the “summary or trimmed” text field format.


Provides a user interface for the Token API and some missing core tokens.


Enables the creation of webforms and questionnaires.