Acquia CMS

Configuring Search in Acquia CMS

  1. Do one of the following to enable the Acquia Search module:

    • Run the Drush command, vendor/bin/drush en acquia_search.

    • Go to the /admin/modules page and manually enable the module.

  2. Go to the following URL to view the Tour Dashboard page:

    <Your Acquia CMS FQDN>/admin/tour/dashboard

  3. Scroll down to the Acquia Search form.

  4. Enter the identifier, API hostname, and UUID for your Acquia Search instance.

    This information is available in your Cloud Platform subscription in the Product Keys section.

  5. Click Save to submit the form.

    Acquia CMS automatically switches your configuration to the Acquia Search service and reindexes your content on the next cron run.