Acquia CMS

Integrated Acquia products

Acquia CMS includes Acquia products that enhance the capabilities of Drupal. The following products are integrated and configured within Acquia CMS:

Acquia Site Studio (Enterprise low-code starter kit only)

If you are using the Enterprise low-code starter kit within Acquia CMS, Acquia Site Studio is installed to provide low-code site building and drag-and-drop content authoring. For more information, see Site building with Site Studio.

The Enterprise low-code starter kit also includes a Site Studio UIKit. This includes site templates, content templates, view templates, menu templates, component library, and CSS styles. For more information, see Low-code UIKit.

To use Site Studio, you need an API key and an Agency key. These keys are set using the CLI or through the Drupal administrative interface. For more information, see Site Studio API key.

Acquia Purge

The Acquia Purge module is designed to automate the management of updating content on Cloud Platform. It also makes it extremely simple to achieve accurate and efficient cache invalidation.

The Acquia Purge module is enabled while installing Acquia CMS and uses the core functionality provided by the module to optimize performance by purging cache on Cloud Platform.

Additional Acquia product modules

Acquia CMS also includes other Acquia product modules to accelerate your integration, such as: