User management with roles and permissions

Acquia CMS includes a number of roles that provide users with different levels of permissions. For information about permissions that make up each role, click Manage > People > Permissions in the Acquia CMS user interface.


Roles are intentionally designed so that you can apply multiple roles to new users to provide them with the permissions they require. For example, you create the Content Author and Content Editor roles for a new user who requires permissions to both create and publish content.

Role Name Description
Administrator Has all permissions and access to all aspects of the site.
Developer Has access to develop Site Studio configuration, including templates, components, and styles.
Content Administrator Has access to all content creation and management permissions.
Content Author Has access to create and manage their own content.
Content Editor Has access to review and publish all content.
User Administrator Has access to administer and manage other users.
Anonymous User Has access to view published content.
Authenticated User Has access to view published content and is known to the site.

For more information about Drupal roles and permissions, see User roles and permissions.