Content model

Acquia CMS provides an optional content model, which is designed and configured to provide a content architecture for common website use cases.

The content model includes the following types:

Content Types

Content type Description
Article Create articles such as news, press releases, and blog posts.
Event Create events such as conferences, seminars, and meetings.
Page Create unstructured pages such as home pages, landing pages, and marketing pages.
Place Create places such as geographic locations, offices, and event locations.
Person Create persons such as team members, employees, and partners.

Media Types

Media type Description
Audio Add external audio embeds.
Document Add files and documents, such as PDFs.
Image Add images.
Video Add external video embeds.


Vocabulary Description
Article type For categorizing articles. You can add terms such as Blog, Journal, and News.
Event type For categorizing events. You can add terms such as Conferences, Galas, and Workshops.
Person type For categorizing people. You can add terms such as City Council Member or Board Member.
Place type For categorizing places. You can add terms such as conference center or government office.
Categories For categorizing all types of content. You can add terms such as Education, Entertainment, and Learning.
Tags For free tagging vocabulary where you can add your own tags for classifying content. This is used across all content types.