Getting started with the Headless starter kit


The Acquia CMS Headless starter kit is in beta availability.

  1. Create a new project or add the starter kit to an existing project.

    • To create a new project, run the composer create-project acquia/drupal-recommended-project project command.

      By default, the starter kit is already available in this project.

    • To add the starter kit to an existing project, run the composer require acquia/acquia-cms-starterkit command.

  2. Run the ./vendor/bin/acms acms:install command to begin the starter kit wizard.

  3. In Please choose bundle from one of the above use case, select acquia_cms_headless and press Enter.

    For selection, you can use the Up and Down arrow keys.

  4. In Do you want the default content model?, select yes if you plan to use the Next.js starter kit or if your project overlaps with these content types. Otherwise, select no.

    • If you select yes:

      1. In Do you want to include the content model?, select yes and press Enter.

        This is useful when exploring the Headless CMS for the first time and you are looking to see how it can integrate with Next.js.

      2. In Do you want to include Demo Content?, select yes and press Enter.

    • If you select no, the installation process starts without including the content model.


The starter kit wizard currently uses drush site:install and drops the database of any existing site. Currently, you cannot use starter kits after installation.