Installing Acquia CMS


  • Acquia CMS is deployed and hosted in an Acquia Cloud environment. For details about the Acquia Cloud environment, contact your account manager.

  • Acquia CMS requires access to Site Studio. To obtain your API keys, contact your account manager.

  • To extend and maintain Acquia CMS, install the following software on your local computer:

    • Acquia CLI

      For installation instructions, see Installing Acquia CLI.

    • The latest version of one of the following browsers:

      • Chrome
      • Edge
      • Firefox
      • Safari
  • To extend and maintain Acquia CMS in an easier way, use Acquia IDE in Acquia Cloud. You can also use an alternative local development environment of your choice. Acquia recommends Lando as an alternative to Acquia IDE.

Installing Acquia CMS on Cloud Platform

To install a new Acquia CMS distribution in an Acquia Cloud Platform environment:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface and select the application and environment where you want to install Acquia CMS.


    The “Install Drupal” environment only appears on the detail screens for your Develop and Staging environments. You can only install Acquia CMS in a lower, non-production environment.

  2. On the Overview page of the environment, click Install Drupal.

  3. On the Install distribution page, locate the ACMS distribution and then click Install.

Installing Acquia CMS on Site Factory

Site Factory uses installation profiles to define base features for your platform. Use the ACMS distribution as a base install profile by following the instructions on setting up and installing sites on Site Factory. After deploying a profile to Site Factory and enabling it, website builders can select the profile when creating a new website.

For information on setting up Site Factory, see Setting up your Factory.

Optional setup step: Pre-configure Site Studio API keys

To save time and resources, Acquia CMS will not, by default, import any templates from Site Studio during installation. Therefore, to automatically import Site Studio templates during installation, you’ll need to file a ticket with Acquia Support and provide your Site Studio API key and organization key that you received from your account manager when purchasing the subscription. Note that the entitlement limits the number of sites allowed per key. For details, contact your account manager.


Installing Acquia CMS through Acquia Cloud IDE

For detailed instructions on installing Acquia CMS through Acquia IDE, see

Installing Acquia CMS Locally

For detailed instructions on installing Acquia CMS in a local development environment of your choice, see