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Known issues in Acquia CMS

Compatibility issues

The acquia_cms_search module is not compatible with the Drupal core search module.

Installation issues

When you run the composer create-project acquia/acquia-cms-project command in a Cloud IDE, Composer installs Acquia CMS v1.2, which will then fail on an invalid patch. Composer will then fall back to the last version of Acquia CMS that did not include contendhub-console, which is Acquia CMS version 1.2. The issue is that the current version of Acquia CMS (1.8 as of this writing) includes contenthub-console, which has a dependency on the php-intl extension. The Cloud IDE team will address this issue.

To Reproduce

The following are the steps to reproduce the behavior, ideally starting from a fresh install of Acquia CMS:

  1. Run the composer create-project acquia/acquia-cms-project --no-interaction command.
  2. See the error; look in composer.lock and note that Acquia CMS 1.2 is installed.

Expected behavior

Acquia CMS 1.2 is installed without any composer errors.

Workaround in Cloud IDE

  1. Edit /home/ide/configs/php/custom.ini and add the following line to it: extension=intl
  2. Run the acli ide:service-restart apache command.
  3. Run the php -i | grep 'intl' command to confirm that PHP intl is enabled.
  4. Re-run the composer create-project acquia/acquia-cms-project command.

This issue will be closed once the bug is addressed in Cloud IDEs.