Acquia CMS

Modifying and extending the UIKit

The UIKit included with the Enterprise low-code starter kit is intended to be modified and extended to meet the requirements of your site or application. For example, if a component needs an extra field, modify the component. Avoid duplicating components to make your own versions. If you need a new component, add one using the component builder.

For more information about using the site building tools, see Site building tools.

After the import, the configuration provided by the UIKit is stored within the database, and is owned and managed by your website. This means you can make modifications to the UIKit without any concerns about your changes being overwritten by an Acquia CMS update.

You must modify and extend the Site Studio configuration in a non-production environment. For example, adding a color to the color palette is adding a configuration entity. Therefore, you must not do this on a production site. For more information, see Managing Site Studio configuration.