Drupal CMS

Site building with Site Studio

The Enterprise low-code starter kit includes Acquia Site Studio. Before you create your site, you must understand the fundamentals of Site Studio to manage your site. For detailed user guides, see Site Studio documentation.

Acquia CMS Site Studio implementation

Acquia CMS provides Site Studio as well as an implementation of Site Studio components, templates, and styling in the form of a UIKit. For more information, see Low-code UIKit.

Site Studio for content authoring and site building

Site Studio is both a content authoring tool and a site building tool.

  • The layout canvas of Site Studio provides a drag-and-drop content authoring tool, which is commonly used by content authors for creating content in the production environment. For more information, see Content authoring tools

  • Site Studio provides low-code site building tools for creating templates, components, and styling. These tools are commonly used by site builders and developers in a development environment. Configuration generated by the site building tools must be managed and deployed to the production environment. For more information, see Site building tools.