Acquia CMS

Content authoring tools

You can do content authoring by:

Using the layout canvas within the admin interface

The layout canvas of Site Studio provides a drag-and-drop content authoring tool to arrange components when creating the page content.

When using the layout canvas within the admin interface, you see an abstract view of the components on your page. You can use this view to manage complex page layouts when you want to understand how the page is structured.

For detailed information, see Creating content with components.

Using the visual page builder

The visual page builder is accessed directly on the website for a visual what you see is what you get experience.

When using the visual page builder directly on your website, you see exactly what you are editing. This view is useful to see how your changes affect the layout as you make them.

For detailed information, see Using the visual page builder for building pages and editing content.

Using the components included with Acquia CMS

The specific components available for content authoring are determined by the Site Studio implementation. A UIKit is included with Acquia CMS. This UIKit provides a range of components for creating the layout and adding text and media.