Acquia CMS

Component library

The UIKit includes a library of components for building the layout and content. The components can be used on the Page content type, which includes the layout canvas field. To manage the components, click Manage > Site Studio > Components.

Components for page building

The component library is divided into logical categories, each including a selection of components. The component library is designed to be flexible so that you can create many different layouts to suit your content requirements.

Component category

Components included

Feature sections

Add preformatted sections to your page.

  • Hero

Layout components

Structure pages and contain content.

  • 1-column layout

  • 2-column layout

  • 3-column layout

  • 4-column layout

  • Row for columns

  • Column

  • Container

  • Spacer

  • Divider line

  • Modal button

  • Modal window

  • Breadcrumb

Basic components

Add content to layouts.

  • Heading

  • Text

  • Button(s)

  • Image

  • Video

  • Background video

  • Audio

  • Blockquote

Dynamic components

Reference and display teasers for other pages.

  • Content reference card

  • Drupal blocks

  • Articles slider

  • Events slider

Card components

Display a formatted card within your layout.

  • Feature card

  • Linked feature card

  • Impact card

  • Contact information card

  • Testimonial card

  • Logo card

  • Price card

  • Stat card

  • Social links card

Slider components

Add sliders or carousels to your layout.

  • Slider container

  • Slide item

  • Gallery slider

Accordion components

Add accordions to your layout.

  • Accordion container

  • Accordion item

Tab components

Add tabbed content to your layout.

  • Tabs container - horizontal tabs

  • Tabs container - vertical tabs

  • Tab item

Read more components

Add expandable areas of content to your layouts.

  • Read more

Map components

Add a Google map to your page. This requires a Google maps API key to work.

  • Google map

Additional components for templates

The component library also includes a number of components used by the Master templates. These components are not intended for use by content creators on pages. Also, they are not displayed within the component library when creating a page.

Component category

Components included

Site header

A configurable header for the site. It is used by the Master templates.

Utilities bar - horizontal

A utilities navigation menu and social links within a horizontal bar. It is used by the Site header component.

Utilities bar - vertical

A utilities navigation menu and social links within a vertical format. It is used by the Site header component.

Social links

A list of social network links with icons. It is used for the Footer component and the Utilities bar components.

Site footer

A configurable footer for the site. It is used by the Master templates.