Acquia CMS

Headless starter kit

The Acquia CMS Headless starter kit aims to preconfigure Drupal for serving structured, RESTful content to third-party content displays such as mobile apps, smart displays, and front-end driven websites.

This starter kit ensures that the most common Drupal modules for headless content delivery are available and preconfigured in your codebase including:




Serves Drupal core and Drupal-managed data through a RESTful endpoint using the JSON:API specification. You can incorporate SEO meta tags in JSON API responses and expose them through the application.


A community module used to manage instances of connecting applications, such as Node.js applications, or mobile devices.

Simple OAuth

An OAuth implementation that combines with the Consumers module to provide a secure authentication mechanism for consumers to access Drupal data.

Open API

The module that helps to describe the JSON:API endpoints using the Open API standard, which can be easily visualized by open source libraries such as Redoc and Swagger U.


A management interface in Drupal for Drupal’s REST interface.


A community module for working with Next.js applications.

The starter kit integrates with the Acquia CMS Tour module to help you quickly configure two extra features:

For managing connecting applications, the starter kit also comes with a dedicated dashboard called Headless dashboard.