Drupal CMS

Managing data models

In the Headless mode, you can manage your data models from the Content Models menu.

By default, the Headless CMS provides four core data types or entity types. Each type can contain sub-types or bundles.

Data type



Content is the core of your structured content. If you use the Acquia CMS content model, you see sub-types like Article, Person, Place, Page, and Event.


Block is designed for one-off types of content. While Content data is often aggregated into lists, Block data is typically queried for a specific content purpose.


Media is used for images, videos and file assets such as PDFs, but also for third-party media such as DAM assets, Tweets, and Youtube videos.


Taxonomies are collections of terms to help categorize the other data types. They can form vocabularies in structured or unstructured groupings. Taxonomy is used to categorize or tag other data types.