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Acquia CMS Next.js starter kit

The Next.js starter kit helps you start your Next.js project with Acquia CMS Headless. It does this with a CMS feature and a node project.

Initiating the Next.js starter kit in Acquia CMS

During the Acquia CMS Headless starter kit installation, you can enable the Next.js starter kit.

To enable the Next.js starter kit:

  1. Access your Drupal site as an administrator and click Acquia CMS Wizard.

    The system displays the CMS Dashboard page.

  2. In the Headless section, select the Enable Next.js starter kit checkbox.

  3. Click Save.

    The Next.js starter kit:

    • Generates and sets up OAuth SSL certificates.

    • Creates a Next.js user in CMS.

    • Creates a Next.js consumer and generates a secret.

    • Configures the consumer with the user and headless roles.

    • Enables the Next.js module.

    • Creates a Next.js site.

    • Configures the content type for Next.js.

    The system displays the environment variables for the Next.js application.


    You must copy and store these environment variables in the .env.local file for your Next.js application.

After the starter kit is available, you can modify the configuration to fit your needs. You can rename next.js sites, users, and consumers, and set new consumer secrets.

For more information on getting started with Next.js, see Next.js starter kit tutorial.

Next.js starter kit demonstration


Currently, site preview is an experimental feature that is only available in the Hybrid mode. It is not available when operating in the Headless mode.