Acquia CMS upgrade

The information in this section helps you upgrade your installed version of Acquia CMS.

The upgrade of Acquia CMS from v1.x to v2.x makes Acquia CMS a module instead of a profile. Acquia recommends that you upgrade from v1.x to v2.x to leverage the latest features of the composable architecture.

Upgrading Acquia CMS v1.x to Acquia CMS v2.x

Acquia CMS v1.x is a profile and Acquia CMS v2.x is a module that keeps all the required dependencies previously available in the Acquia CMS v1.x profile.

To upgrade to Acquia CMS v2.x, you must remove the Acquia CMS profile. There is no official approach for this type of operation in the Drupal community.

To upgrade to Acquia CMS v2.x:

  1. Upgrade Acquia CMS to the latest version of v1.5.x.

  2. Run a database update, if applicable.

  3. If you are using BLT and drush status --fields=install-profile reports directly through the acquia_cms profile:

    1. Edit blt/blt.yml.
    2. Change the profile key to minimal.
  4. Run drush acms:switch to use the automated uninstall tool.

    This ensures safe uninstallation of Acquia CMS by making the necessary changes.

  5. Export config.

  6. Commit all changes and deploy them to your production environment.

    You can observe the changes in the core.extension config.


    The remaining steps must be deployed to production environment after completion of database updates and successful import of the configuration. At this point, your composer.json file must have acquia/acquia_cms profile. Otherwise, you are likely to get errors.

  7. After deployment:

    1. Verify that everything works properly.
    2. Proceed with upgrading Acquia CMS to v2.x.
  8. Enable the acquia_cms module.

  9. Verify that everything works as expected.