System requirements for Acquia Drupal

Because Acquia Drupal is simply a Drupal distribution that includes several additional Acquia-identified or developed modules, the best resource for hardware and software requirements is the System requirements page on

Additional PHP recommendations

Acquia Drupal has the following additional PHP recommendations:

  • Recommended PHP extensions for running Acquia Drupal include:
    • --with-mysql
    • --with-apxs2
    • --with-gd
    • --with-jpeg-dir
    • --with-png-dir
    • --enable-gd-native-ttf
    • --enable-mbstring
    • --with-curl
    • --enable-sockets
    • --with-pgsql
  • Your environment's php.ini file should have values for the following PHP settings:
    • memory_limit - Greater than or equal to 128MB
    • max_execution_time - 30 seconds
    • file_uploads - Enable this if you want to allow users to upload files
    • upload_max_filesize - Adjust this value to set the maximum size of uploaded files
    • post_max_size - Enter the value used for upload_max_filesize

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