Acquia Search

Helping your site's visitors find content faster

Adding Acquia Search to your site creates a rich index of your site content and adds faceted search refinement, helping users find content faster and stay on your site longer.

  • Search as a service

    Acquia Search is a plug-and-play search service that lets you deliver great search functionality in minutes.

  • Faster searches

    Your users can find what they're looking for faster than using Drupal's built-in search. Built on Apache Solr 3.5, Acquia Search has delivered searches with a 60% to 500% improvement in response time.

  • Result filtering and weighting

    Users can use facets to filter search results, and the content of your choice appears higher in search results, shaping your users' site experience.

  • Content recommendations

    Suggest similar or related content to visitors, which can increase their time on your site.

  • Multisite and multiple Drupal version searches

    Display unified search results from all your web properties, including federated search over both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 content in the same interface.

  • Multi-entity and attachment searches

    Enables searching over multiple types of content — not just content nodes, but also users, taxonomy terms, or your own custom entity types. Search also can include the contents of files attached to your sites.

Acquia Search is built on Apache Solr 3.5.

Getting started with Acquia Search

For information about how to activate Acquia Search for your site, see Activating Acquia Search.

For additional information, browse the Knowledge Base articles in the Acquia Help Center.