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Viewing search usage and statistics

Through the use of the Cloud Platform interface, you can learn more about your Acquia Search subscription and its usage.

Viewing your Acquia Search usage

To view information about your use of Acquia Search, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Acquia subscription.

  2. Select your application, and then click its Acquia Search link.

  3. In the upper right corner, click Search Stats.

    Search stats icon

The table that appears on the Search page displays how much of your Acquia Search subscription you are using, including the following attributes:

  • Document Count: The number of documents that are in your search index

  • Query Count: The number of executed searches

  • Index Size (MB): The amount of storage that your search index uses, in megabytes


    The Search Core Name column displays all provisioned indexes, whether they are in use.

The information displayed in the table includes how your website’s searches, documents, and storage quantities have changed from month to month, which can assist you in determining how changes in your website may have affected changes in your Acquia Search resources. If you have more than one search index, the table combines the statistics for all your provisioned search indexes. This can help you plan whether you may want to upgrade or downgrade your Acquia Search subscription.

Search statistics table