Installing Acquia Search with with Apache Solr

There are two module ecosystems that can be used for Solr with Drupal 7, Search API and Apache Solr Search. You must pick one of the two module ecosystems for your Acquia Search implementation.

For more information on each of these ecosystems, see Installing Acquia Search with Solr 7 for Drupal 7.


A single site should use only one of the preceding options. Enabling modules from both options can cause problems.

Use the following instructions to install Acquia Search with Solr 7 using the Apache Solr Search module for Drupal 7.

Step 1: Prepare your new Drupal project, environment, or code base

To prepare your Drupal project, environment, or codebase, use your preferred method to copy a remote website configuration to your development environment.

Step 2: Install the Acquia Search Drupal modules

Use the following procedure to install the Apache Solr Search Integration module ecosystem:

Install the Apache Solr Search module to enable the use of Acquia Search with Solr 7:

  1. Download and install the Acquia Search module, and any other required modules on your website.

  2. Connect to your Acquia subscription with your Cloud Platform credentials.

  3. On the Modules admin page, enable the Apache Solr Search module. Be sure to approve any additional required Acquia Search-related modules.

  4. Navigate to the Apache Solr Search module configuration page at Configurations > Apache Solr search > Settings.

  5. Create a new environment by clicking Add search environment and select Solr 7 and above from the Acquia Search Solr Core list. Upon selection, the rest of the fields will automatically fill in.

    Select the Make this Solr search environment the default option and click Save.


    If you see the message “Could not find a Solr index corresponding to your website and environment”, make sure that a Solr index has been created or an index override has been specified.

  6. Your Solr index of website content is built and maintained by periodic cron jobs. Depending on the amount of content on your website, the initial indexing process will take some time to complete. You can set the indexing rate for your website content during each cron run on the Apache Solr search > Default Index tab, under Actions.

    To determine the condition of the index, go to the Apache Solr Search > Default Index tab, in the Search Index Content section.