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Moving to Acquia Search with Solr 7

This documentation page describes features and procedures for a limited availability release, and its contents may change at any time. Acquia does not recommend bookmarking this page as its location may change without notice.

Acquia supports Solr 7 with Acquia Search in limited cases. To use Solr 7, you must meet the following requirements and follow the specified upgrade path.


To use Acquia Search with Solr 7, you must have the following services and modules installed or available for your website to use:


Acquia Search’s initial support for Solr 7 will have the following limitations:

  • Support for only Drupal 8 (future, planned support for Drupal 7)
  • No support for custom Solr configurations (future, planned support)
  • Available only in US-East-1 region (future, planned support for other regions)

Moving to Solr 7

Acquia will move Acquia Search subscribers to use Solr 7 in phases, which allows subscribers the most flexibility to prepare for this change (due to module updates and reindexing).

You don’t need to contact Acquia to schedule your move.

Acquia will order the moves based on certain criteria, including a subscriber’s needs for the following items:

  • Drupal 7 support
  • Custom Solr configuration files
  • Support for Solr 7 in different data center locations (such as US-West, EMEA, and APJ)

Acquia will use other criteria to promote move planning, if necessary.