Viewing search usage and statistics

The Acquia Search page displays information about your Acquia Search subscription and usage. To open the Acquia Search page:

  1. Sign in to Acquia and select your site.
  2. Click the Search link.

Viewing the Search page

Viewing your Acquia Search usage

On the Search page, the Usage section displays how much of your Acquia Search subscription you are using. You can see:

  • How many searches have been executed.
  • How many documents are in your search index.
  • How much storage your search index takes up.

The Usage graphs show how the searches, documents, and storage quantities have changed over time, enabling you to see how changes in your site may have affected changes in your Acquia Search resources. If you have more than one search index, the graphs show combined statistics for all of your search indexes. This can help you plan whether you might need to upgrade or downgrade your Acquia Search subscription.

Search usage graphs

Click the selector to change the time intervals (by day or by month) displayed in the Usage graphs. Click the dates to select the start and end date of the data presented.

Date picker for search data

Changing your Acquia Search subscription

Click the gear icon to view the current searches, documents, and storage limits of your Acquia Search subscription. You can upgrade or downgrade your Acquia Search subscription by dragging the slider. Note that some Acquia Search subscribers (because of the nature of their contracts) may need to contact their Acquia sales representative to change their Acquia Search subscriptions.

Acquia Search settings and limits

Updating your version of Apache Solr Search Integration

When you update the Apache Solr Search Integration module to a later version, you must register the update in the Acquia Search page of the Acquia UI. Click the gear icon and select the new version of the Apache Solr Search Integration, then click Save.