Troubleshooting "Permission denied (publickey)" SSH errors

When attempting to SSH into your server, you might encounter an error like the following:

Permission denied (publickey). Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

If you see the error above, answer the following questions to determine the issue:

  1. Do you have the correct permissions to SSH into a server? Check your Team/Role and Permissions.
  2. Are you able to SSH into other servers? For example, you may encounter an issue with a Production server yet have access to Stage. This can be a helpful diagnostic check. 
  3. Is your public key still valid? To ensure you are accessing the server with the correct key pair. You can remove and re-upload your public key.

If using the tips above doesn't resolve the issue, please create a Support ticket for further assistance. It's recommended you include the SSH command with verbose output using the example below (the -vvv adds verbosity to the output):

ssh [sitegroup].[env]@[servername] -vvv

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