Underscores in site names cause cookie problems

Internet Explorer does not handle cookies that use an underscore ( _ ) in the subdomain name. For more information about this behavior, see Internet Explorer ignores cookies on some domains (cannot read or set cookies) on Stack Overflow. You can use the following options to work around this problem:

  • Use another browser

    Most other browsers do not have this issue.

  • Edit your hosts file and create a custom domain

    This is ideal if you have a small development team that can edit the /etc/hosts file on each machine. Full instructions are here: Using an /etc/hosts file for custom domains during development.

  • Add custom Dev and Staging subdomains to your domain name

    If you have a large number of people using the site with Internet Explorer, it is usually not feasible to edit the hosts file on every machine. You can create a subdomain through your domain registrar that points to your Dev and Staging environments. If you are on Acquia Cloud or Acquia Cloud Enterprise, add a new A record on a subdomain pointing to Acquia (dev.example.com or test.example.com), and add the domain to your Cloud > Domains page. For more information about how to do this, see Managing your domains.

    Acquia Cloud blocks robots from indexing the site on your acquia-site.com URL. If you are using a custom domain name for your Dev and Staging environments you'll want to be sure to block indexing on these domain names. See some examples of this at Serving alternate robots.txt files from a multisite.

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