Upcoming Security Changes in Acquia Cloud 1.97 release

We would like to draw your attention to following changes occurring in the 1.97 Acquia Cloud release.

3DES Ciphers

In the 1.97 Acquia Cloud release, we will depreciate 3DES ciphers and remove them from the Acquia Cloud platform as part of our ongoing security improvements. Users who rely on outdated browsers such as older versions of Windows IE attempting to access your site after the 1.97 release may encounter difficulties until they upgrade to a modern browser.

Updating default Drush version to 8.18

In the 1.97 Acquia Cloud release, Acquia will update our default version of Drush to 8.1.8 to remediate a security vulnerability. At that time, customers with applications using Symfony 3.x will fail to function as expected.  Customers using Symfony 3.x can either compile their own version of Drush, update to Drush 9, or use a lower but less secure version of Drush 8.x to mitigate this impact.

If you have any questions about this change, contact Acquia Support by logging in to https://insight.acquia.com and visiting the Acquia Help Center.

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