Distribution definition

Although you can download the stock Drupal installation files from drupal.org, installing Drupal in this manner represents a "blank slate" for your website. If your site matches a common use case, like a company intranet or a conference site, and you'd like to take advantage of some common features built by other other developers, you can install a distribution.

Distributions (also known as distros) are a packaged set of files that include Drupal core along with a set of themes and modules selected to address a particular need.

There are many different distributions available to meet specific needs, including meeting the needs of a particular market (for example, governmental or educational institutions), or providing specific, deeply integrated functions into websites (for example, social media or commerce).

Finding a distribution

Because of the open nature of Drupal, anyone can create a useful distribution that others can use to help them get started more quickly.

Acquia-provided distributions

Choosing a Drupal distribution can help you find out the best distribution for your needs, on Acquia hosting.

For download links and installation information for these distributions, go to the Acquia Downloads page.

Other distributions

For a list of available distributions that have been created to address many particular needs, see Download & Extend on drupal.org.

Finding additional resources

The Help Center contains articles and resources that you can use for reference as you install your Drupal distribution, including the following:

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