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Like anything else, Drupal and Acquia have their own terms and concepts that might be unfamiliar to you if you're new to either. We've put together this glossary of terms (including a brief definition for each) and links to additional information about each item.

Term Definition
Block A container for site information that is placed in regions for display on your website
Content The information that you want to provide to your website's visitors
Content type A structured data type that defines how content is added to a website and displayed
Docroot The root level of your Drupal installation and its websites, which contains its files and directories
Distribution A packaged set of files that include Drupal core along with a set of themes and modules selected to address a particular need
Environment The section of server and application stack a web application exists within.
Install The process of creating a Drupal website, or the collection of files and code that make up a website
Multisite A group of sites contained within a single docroot
Module An extension or plugin that adds functionality to your Drupal website
Permission Individual ability (relating to website access or administrative access) that can be provided to users
Region An area defined by a theme into which you can place a block of content
Role A collection of permissions that can be applied to a group of website users with similar requirements
Theme Files and settings that determine the visual style of a Drupal website
Tier A description of your server architecture or subscription

Additional resources

The Glossary page on drupal.org also contains information about these and other Drupal terms.

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