SVN tools

You can manage your Subversion (SVN) code repository using either the command line or by using one of several SVN applications.

Command line

Using the command line to manage your website's SVN repository is simple and direct. If you need help learning how to use the command line, complete SVN documentation is available at

Because Subversion does not come installed on all servers and operating systems, the Subversion website at also provides downloads, installation instructions, and links to GUI tools for those not comfortable using the command line.

SVN applications

There are many tools available to help you manage your SVN activities, from IDE plugins to GUI clients, both open source and commercial. You are free to manage your SVN repository using any tools that you are comfortable with, and not just the command line:

  • Tortoise SVN (Windows) - Tortoise SVN, available at, is a free and open source software package that integrates SVN repository management functionality into the Windows Explorer.
  • Versions (Mac OS X) - Available at, Versions is an excellent commercial SVN management package.

For specifics on using SVN with Acquia Cloud, see Using Subversion (SVN).

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