Using Domain Access with Acquia Dev Desktop

Domain access

The Domain Access project is a suite of Drupal modules that you can use to run a group of affiliated websites from one Drupal installation and a single shared database. The Domain Access module allows you to share users, content, and configurations across a group of websites.

For documentation on the Domain Access module and general use with Drupal websites, see Domain Access documentation on

If you want to use the Domain Access module with Acquia Dev Desktop, you need to add a ServerAlias entry in the Acquia Dev Desktop Apache vhosts.conf configuration file. To add this entry, do the following:

  1. Using Acquia Dev Desktop, install the website that you want to make part of your Domain Access installation.
  2. Install and enable the Domain Access module in your Drupal website.
  3. Configure the Domain Access module with the domain names of each of the websites. For more information, see the Domain Access configuration documentation.
  4. Add the Domain Access URLs to your hosts file. The domains should use the same IP address as the parent website (usually For example: sleepy.local127.0.0.1 grumpy.local127.0.0.1 dopey.local127.0.0.1 doc.local
  5. Edit the Acquia Dev Desktop Apache vhosts.conf configuration file. This file is located at /Applications/Dev Desktop/apache/conf/vhosts.conf.
  6. In the first <virtualhost></virtualhost> element of the vhosts.conf file, add a ServerAlias line with the domain names (separated by spaces) of each of the other websites in your Domain Access installation. For example, if you have four local websites named sleepy, grumpy, dopey, and doc, and the first <virtualhost></virtualhost> element was for the sleepy website, the beginning of the vhosts.conf file should look like this:
    #!!! PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE, IT IS AUTOGENERATED BY ACQUIA DEV DESKTOP <virtualhost> ServerName sleepy.local DocumentRoot "/Users/jack.aubrey/Sites/devdesktop/sleepy" ServerAlias grumpy.local dopey.local doc.local </virtualhost>
  7. Stop and restart the Apache and MySQL servers in Acquia Dev Desktop.

You can now use the Domain Access module with Acquia Dev Desktop.

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