Adding Acquia BLT to an existing project


You can add Acquia BLT versions 12 and later to third-party Drupal distributions and existing applications. If you are using BLT 11, you must instead create a new project from scratch using the BLT project template: Creating a new project with Acquia BLT


  • The Drupal root must be in a top-level docroot directory.
  • You must already use Composer to manage website dependencies. If you don’t, see Using Composer to manage Drupal website dependencies and change your project accordingly.
  • Be sure your dependencies are up-to-date by executing the command: composer update, and the dependencies don’t break your project.


To add Acquia BLT to a pre-existing Drupal project:

  1. At the command prompt, change to your existing project directory with the cd command.

  2. Use the following commands to configure Composer’s minimum-stability and prefer-stable values:

    composer config minimum-stability dev
    composer config prefer-stable true
  3. Using Composer, install Acquia BLT:

    rm -rf vendor composer.lock
    composer require acquia/blt:^12.0 --no-update
    composer update
  4. Acquia BLT will place new files in your project directory. Review all new and modified files and commit them to Git.

  5. You can now run Acquia BLT commands using vendor/bin/blt. To more easily run Acquia BLT commands without having to specify the full binary path, install the BLT Launcher.

  6. Run blt doctor to diagnose any potential remaining issues requiring manual intervention.

  7. For information about common instructions and how to begin using Acquia BLT, see Next steps with Acquia BLT.