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The following documentation describes how to configure the Memcache API and Integration (Memcache) module for Drupal 8. The Memcache module provides an API for using Memcached and the PECL Memcache or Memcached libraries with Drupal and provides backends for Drupal’s caching and locking systems. The most complete and up to date documentation is included with the module, in the README.txt file.

Cloud Platform and Site Factory

To enable memcache integration in a Cloud hosting environment, ensure the acquia/memcache-settings Composer package is installed. If this package is present, Acquia BLT will include the relevant settings files to enable memcache integration. No additional setup or configuration is required.

Local Development

The below has been tested with DrupalVM as configured through Acquia BLT’s blt vm command, but should also work for most CI environments where the memcache back end is localhost on port 11211.

Add the below statements to an environment’s local.settings.php to use memcache as the default back end for Drupal’s caching and locking systems. The memcache module does not need to be enabled with the snippet below, but may need to be if this configuration is removed. Note that the below configuration explicitly overrides the default bins for the discovery, bootstrap, and configuration cache bins because Drupal core permanently caches these static bins by default.

// Include a unique prefix for each local Drupal installation.
if ($is_local_env) {
  $settings['memcache']['key_prefix'] = $site_dir;

require DRUPAL_ROOT . "/../vendor/acquia/blt/settings/memcache.settings.php";