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Copying Resources

You can copy resources in Campaign Studio, such as campaigns, assets, categories, forms, pages, and so on from one instance to another.

To use the resource copy feature, you must have access to Campaign Factory.

To copy a resource from one instance to another:

  1. Log in to Campaign Factory.

  2. Navigate to the Instance Overview page of the instance that you want to copy the resource from.

  3. Locate all the instance resources listed on the right-hand side of the page.


  4. Click the Copy icon against the type of resource that you want to copy in the Instance Resources section.


  5. In the pop-up window, select the resource(s) to be copied, along with the target instance(s).


    You can select multiple items to be copied. Once you make your initial selection, you can either begin typing or select an option from the drop-down list. To remove a selected item, click the x icon.

  6. Click Save.

The system initiates the copy process, notifies the user, and displays a confirmation message in the user interface.

Feature Details

This feature identifies all dependencies for the copied resource and copies them (if they don’t exist on the target instance) or updates them (if they already exist on the target instance with the same name and creation date).

For example, if a segment has a filter: Visited a Specific Landing Page for a landing page and if the segment is copied from one instance to another, the landing page used in the segment filter is copied to the destination instance. If that landing page already exists in the destination instance, it is updated with any changes from the source instance.


If an item exists in the destination instance (identified by a combination of alias and created-date) as an item that is being copied, the system overwrites the existing item with the copied item.