Golden Template

With the Golden Template feature, you can create an instance where a child instance acquires all properties and behaviors of the parent template instance and also can be maintained in sync with the parent template. This feature represents the IS-A relationship between parent-child instances.

This feature offers the following advantages:

  • Reusability: Rather than having to rebuild new instances with the same properties repeatedly, you can simply use this feature to allow the new child instances to inherit the properties of the template instance.

  • Synchronization: The Golden Template feature not only allows you to create a child instance from a template instance, but also allows you to keep that child instance in sync with the parent template.


To get Golden Template enabled, contact your customer success manager or create a Support ticket.

With this feature enabled, your Campaign Factory user has the permission to Link to Template and Use Individual Resource Sync:

  1. Create a linked child instance from any template instance by selecting the Link to Template checkbox while creating the child instance.

    Linking templates

    • It allows you to keep the child instance in sync with the parent template and you can copy and reproduce any further changes that you make in the parent template to the child.

    • All resources inherited in child instances are locked. For example, users cannot edit or delete any resources inherited in child instances. Users can only clone the resources.

    • Users are free to create new resources in the child instance and edit, delete, and clone them.

    Locked resources


    You can only mark the child instance linked at the time of creation of the instance. An unlinked child instance cannot be modified to make it a linked one.

  2. After creating a linked child instance, go to the Template Overview page and locate the Sync (Sync icon) icon next to each resource in the template instance. With this icon, you can sync the resource to all its child instances as needed. The resource sync copies the resource in the latest state to the child template and also creates the dependent resources used within the main resource. If the dependent resource already exists in the child instance, it gets overridden.

    The Template Overview page also provides the SYNC ALL option to sync all resources of a certain type to all linked child instances with a single click.

Deleting a resource

You can remove a resource from a child instance only when the same resource is deleted in the template instance. In this case, the Sync (Sync icon) icon appears red on the Campaign Factory screen. When you click the icon, Campaign Factory deletes the resource from the child, and the resource disappears from the resource list on the Template Overview page.

Deleting resources

Stopping the resource sync

You can pause the sync by editing the child instance and clearing the Link to Template checkbox. It still keeps the resources locked but pauses the changes getting copied to this instance when the Sync icon is clicked.

To permanently unlink the child instance from the template instance, you can use the Remove Sync Permanently button on the instance details page in Campaign Factory.


This unlinks all resources and they cannot be synced again.

Removing sync permanently


A child instance created without selecting the Link to Template checkbox works like a regular instance created from a template. It inherits the existing resources but they are not be linked and cannot be kept in sync.