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Users and roles

Campaign Factory allows you to create users and assign roles to those users. By default, there are two roles. However, you can create custom roles as well and assign them to users.

Creating a user

To create a new user:

  1. Sign in to


  2. Go to Settings > Users.

  3. Click Create to create a new user.


  4. Specify the user’ name, email address, and password.


    Once you’ve created the user, you must share the password so that the user can access the instance and reset the same.

  5. In Accounts, select the accounts which should be accessible to the user.


    To assign the user to all accounts, select All.

  6. In Roles, select the role with the defined permission set that you want to assign to the user. For more inforomation on roles, see Creating a role.

  7. Click Save.

Creating a role

By default, Campaign Factory has two roles, which can’t be updated.

  • Super Users: Have full permissions within Campaign Factory.
  • Administrators: Have permission to add, edit, and delete users as well as view, edit, create, and delete accounts.

Apart from the two above roles, you can also create custom roles and associate users to such roles.

To create a new role:

  1. Sign in to


  2. Go to Settings > User Roles.

  3. Click Create to create a new user.


  4. Specify a name for your role.

  5. Select the permissions that you want to associate with the role.


    • To grant all permissions to the role, select the Select All check box.
    • To grant all permissions within a specific bucket to the role, click the check box corresponding to that bucket. For example, Accounts, Brand Instance, etc.
  6. Click Save.