Campaign Factory

Custom branding for Campaign Factory

With the Campaign Factory’s Custom Branding feature, you can customize Campaign Factory by displaying your own company’s domain name in the web browser address bar. Whether it’s for a reseller to change the way Campaign Factory looks to reseller’s customers, or a customer to see own logo and custom domain, this feature creates a more personalized experience. To use this feature, contact your Customer Success Manager or Acquia Support team.


To use custom branding for Campaign Factory, you must have a subscription to Campaign Factory, which is an add-on feature of Campaign Studio.

Creating custom branding for Campaign Factory

  1. On the Campaign Factory landing page, click the Settings icon and click Reseller Settings to set up custom branding.

    The system displays the custom branding fields in the Reseller Settings dialog box.

  2. Configure the custom branding fields:

    • Custom Domain: Set your custom domain URL.

    • Logos: Files must not exceed the following sizes:

      • Login Logo: 300px x 300px

      • Main Logo: 300px x 120px

      • Favicon: 32px x 32px

    • Open ID credentials: Set your Open-ID settings, if required.

      • Open-ID Provider URL: Provide your Open-ID service provider URL.

      • Open-ID Client ID: Provide your Open-ID service provider Client ID.

      • Open-ID Client Secret: Provide your Open-ID service provider Client Secret.

      • Open-ID Scope: Scope to access Email ID.

      • Open-ID Response Type: Defined by provider.

      • Open-ID Extra Parameter: If the provider requires any extra parameters in the request.

    • Welcome email: Set the subject line and body of the welcome email.

  3. Click Save.


You must inform/set Redirect URI to Custom Domain/OAuth/callback.

Custom branding login

  1. Log on to

  2. Enter your email ID and password.

    The system redirects you to the custom domain URL that you provided while setting up custom branding.

  3. Enter your username and password.

    After entering correct credentials, the system redirects you to the Campaign Factory landing page with personalised branding (logos).