Campaign Factory

Custom branding for Campaign Studio instances

With the Campaign Factory’s Custom Branding feature, you can change the look and feel of any or all Campaign Studio instances. Whether it’s for an agency to white-label Campaign Studio, a corporate marketer to distinguish between brands, or a customer to see own logo and colors, this feature creates a more personalized experience for users. Account-level branding applies the selected branding to all instances within the selected account.


Both Campaign Studio-only customers and customers with a Campaign Factory subscription can use custom branding for Campaign Studio instances.

Creating custom branding for Campaign Studio instances

  1. From an account page, click the Branding button in the top right corner to set up branding for that account.

  2. Instance-level branding applies branding to the selected instance, and overrides account-level branding. From an instance page, click Brand Instance from the options in the top right corner.

    The system displays the Branding Options dialog box. The name of the account or instance you’re editing is displayed at the top, so you know what you’re making changes to.

  3. Configure the fields:

    • Colors: Either enter the hex ID for the color you’d like, or choose from the menu of default options. Each color option changes a variety of objects in the Campaign Studio platform.

    • Logos: Files may not exceed the following sizes:

      • Login Logo: 300px × 300px

      • Main: 300px x 120px

      • Mascot: 300px × 300px

      • Favicon: 32px x 32px

  4. Click Save.

Campaign Factory updates the branding for the selected instance(s). Refresh the page in an instance to see your changes, and make any adjustments you’d like.


The Favicon updates the favicon for users within the instance. To use a different Favicon on your landing pages, the theme you use for the landing page must include the Favicon.