Campaign Factory

Creating accounts and instances

The Campaign Factory dashboard serves as the administrative interface for initial configurations for Campaign Factory and Campaign Studio.

This page provides information about how to use the Campaign Factory dashboard to create:

  • Campaign Factory accounts

  • Campaign Studio instances


Campaign Studio customers without a Campaign Factory subscription must complete the required configurations for creating a new Campaign Studio instance in the Campaign Factory dashboard but then do not need to return to Campaign Factory for continued marketing operations.

Campaign Factory is an add-on feature of Campaign Studio. Customers with a Campaign Factory subscription will continue to use it for ongoing marketing operations and management of multiple instances.

Campaign Factory configuration checklist

Use the following checklist to create and configure new Campaign Studio instances and accounts:


Only customers with Campaign Factory subscriptions can create accounts for managing multiple instances in the Campaign Factory dashboard. Some configurations must be performed for each new instance created.






Log in to Campaign Factory

Log in to access the Campaign Factory interface with your login credentials.

Acquia sends an email only to your main administrator to provide the first time login credentials.


Create Campaign Factory users and roles

Create new user accounts for team members who need to assist with the required configurations.

Ensure that the main administrator creates these user accounts for team members who have developer-level or equivalent skills.


Create Campaign Factory accounts

Create Campaign Factory accounts according to your entitlements.

This is applicable only for customers with a Campaign Factory subscription.


Create Campaign Studio instances

Create your new Campaign Studio instance.


Configure a custom domain

Create a custom domain and add its DNS record to your DNS manager.

You must create a custom domain for each instance.


Configure a sender domain

Create a sender domain, a bounce domain, and a tracking domain and add their DNS records to your DNS manager.

Each customer must configure at least one sender domain to send emails from.


Attach the sender domain to the instance

Attach the sender domain to the instance to enable emails sending from the domain.

You must attach one or more sender domains that you want to use.


Log in to Campaign Studio

After creating and configuring your new Campaign Studio instance, log in to your instance and begin setting it up.

To be redirected to the Campaign Studio login page, click the URL link for the instance located in the Domain column.