Campaign Factory

Dedicated IP pools

All accounts and instances must be assigned an IP pool for sending emails. To assign the IP pool, you can either use Acquia’s shared Sparkpost IP pool or purchase a dedicated IP address. To purchase a dedicated IP address that is not shared with other customers, contact your Acquia account manager.

The following customers can use their own dedicated IP addresses and private IP pools:

  • Campaign Studio-only customers

  • Customers with a subscription to Campaign Factory as an add-on feature of Campaign Studio

Dedicated IP addresses described in this section apply to all email delivery services. The setup and configuration of dedicated IP addresses vary for customers using a provider other than Campaign Studio’s default Sparkpost account.

By using a dedicated IP address, customers can avoid risks associated with using Campaign Studio’s shared Sparkpost IP pool, and have complete control over the reputations of their sender domains and IP addresses.

The advantages of using dedicated IP addresses are:

  • Full control of deliverability: A dedicated IP address removes the risk of potential negative impact from other senders on Campaign Studio’s shared IPs.

  • Volume: High-volume senders might fill the capacity of emails that can be sent at once, potentially delaying sends for other customers on a shared IP address.

  • Client management: Resellers or OEM partners using Campaign Factory might want to assign dedicated IP addresses to specific instances, generally for one of the first two reasons.

Importance of email reputation

The reputation of the sending domain and the sending IP address directly impacts email deliverability and determines whether your emails will be placed in your contact’s inboxes or their spam folders. Mailbox providers, such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft, make determinations on the likelihood of an incoming message being spam by using a combination of the sender domain reputation and the IP address of the sending service.


Every Campaign Studio customer is responsible for maintaining the reputation of their own sender domains. If enough email recipients complain to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or mark your email as junk or spam, ISPs can block your sender domain.

For more information about how to maintain a positive email reputation, see IP and domain warm up for email deliverability. If your domain is blocklisted, create a Support ticket.

As a standard, Campaign Studio customers are assigned to one of several shared IP addresses that Acquia owns through Sparkpost, our email delivery provider. Some customers may benefit from sending through a shared IP address or a set of IP addresses or a pool. However, shared IP addresses involve risks.

The main benefit of a shared IP address or pool is for senders with low sending volume or senders who do not consistently send similar volumes of emails. By sharing an IP address, other senders can help establish and maintain the reputation of IP addresses. However, if another customer using the same IP addresses sends emails to a spam trap address or sends emails that are considered spam, the IP address could be listed on any of several blocklists that mailbox providers use to determine whether incoming messages should be routed to a recipient’s inbox or spam folder.

By using a dedicated IP address, Campaign Studio customers can avoid the risk of such situations and completely control the reputations of their sender domains and IP addresses.

IP and domain warm up for email deliverability

To ensure successful email deliverability and establish a positive reputation with Campaign Studio IP addresses or your own dedicated IP address or pool, you must warm up your company’s IP address and sender domain. For more information, see IP and domain warm up for email deliverability.

Before you start with this warm up process, you must complete the configuration that enables you to start sending emails from Campaign Studio instances to contacts.