Campaign Factory

Campaign Factory login and password reset

Logging in to Campaign Factory


For all new customers, Acquia sends an email only to your main administrator to provide their first time login credentials. The main administrator must then create super users and other administrators, who can further create other users. For more information, see: Users and roles.

To access your Campaign Factory account:

  1. Go to

    The system displays the Campaign Factory Sign In page.

  2. In the Email Address field, enter your email address.
  3. In the Password field, enter your password.
  4. Click Sign In.

New password criteria

Campaign Factory mandates users to meet the following requirements for saving a new password:

  • Password must contain at least 12 characters, one uppercase, one lowercase, one number, and one special character from $#@%!&?|().*.
  • Password must not be the same as the prior 24 passwords.
  • Password expires if no login activity has occurred in the last 90 days. If the user is active, the password expires in 180 days. In both the scenarios, the user must change the password.
  • Users must not use common passwords, common American names and surnames, common English words, and common patterns such as dates, repeats (aaa) sequences (abcd), and QWERTY patterns.

Resetting the password

To reset your Campaign Factory password:

  1. On the Campaign Factory Sign In page, select Forgot Your Password.

    The system displays the Reset Password page.

  2. In the Email Address field, enter your email address.
  3. Select Send Password Reset Link.

    The system sends a password reset link to your email address.

  4. Reset your password by using the password reset link.

After you sign in, the system redirects you to the Campaign Factory dashboard.