Campaign Studio

Mailer is owner

Personalization is one of the key reasons subscribers chose Campaign Studio. The Mailer is owner feature is one way subscribers can make emails feel like one to one messages rather than automated responses.

Creating owners

To use Mailer is owner, create users for the team members who can own contacts in your Campaign Studio instance. You may decide not to share login information with those users. It is also common to limit permissions.

The signature field on a user page is not required. It can be useful if you want a signature for each owner with the {signature} token.

Assigning owners

Once you add users, assign them as owners for your contacts. Often, sales territories define relationship owners, but you can use any criteria fitting your organization. There are several ways to update contact owners:

  • CSV import: Map a column in your .csv file to the Owner by username field in Campaign Studio. The column in your .csv file must use the username for the user.

  • Manual: At the bottom of a contact record, select the user from the Owner field.

  • Campaign: Use the campaign action for Update contact owner and select the user from the Owner field. Either:

    • Create segments for each possible owner with filters on the segments to decide who the owner should be (region, company size, or annual revenue).

    • Use a segment with all contacts and conditions within the campaign.

  • Integration or plugin: Campaign Studio’s API can update contact records, including owners. The CRM plugins have options to update the contact owner based on the owner in the CRM.

Using Mailer is owner

Mailer is owner can be used in two ways.

  • The global configuration option

    1. Log in to Campaign Studio.

    2. Click Settings > Configuration > Email Settings.

    3. In Name to send email as, enter a name.

    4. In E-mail address to send mail from, enter an email address

    5. In Mailer is owner, select Yes.

    This option overrides any other from information and always uses the owner’s name and email address as the from name and address. If a contact does not have an assigned owner, Campaign Studio uses the from name and address on the email’s Advanced tab. If the from name and address fields on the email are empty, Campaign Studio uses the defaults in the Configuration section.

  • The Advanced tab on the email builder

    Using the email builder is a much more flexible way to use the Mailer is Owner feature. Any single email you build can display as if it comes from a contact’s owner. It is possible to build emails into a campaign that has other emails coming from set addresses. This way, users do not need to worry about turning the global configuration on and off.

    A notice is displayed if the email setting and the global configuration setting are different. The setting on the email overrides the global setting.


The Mailer is Owner option was added to individual emails in July 2019. Emails created before the feature change inherited the global setting at the time of the change, by default. New emails created will default to the global setting is at the time of creation.