Companies help marketers to group contacts based on the company or companies the contacts are assigned to.

Adding companies to Campaign Studio

Add New

To add a company:

  1. Log in to Campaign Studio.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Companies.

  3. On the Companies page, click +New.

  4. On the New Company page, enter the details in the fields and click Save & Close.

    You can organize custom fields into Core and Professional.


As you add contacts to Campaign Studio through plugins, their associated company information, such as accounts and organizations, can also be pulled in. For information about setting up your plugins, see Plugins directory.


With the flexible, API-first architecture of Campaign Studio, you can add new companies through API from virtually any source, as long as the source also has an open REST API. You must have the API enabled in Settings > Configuration > API Settings, and add your application in Settings > API Credentials. For more information, see API documentation.


For API-created contacts with an empty DNC reason code, an error requiring a DNC reason code is returned. The DNC reason code for such contacts is no longer defaulted to 0 (Contactable).

CSV import

Companies - Import

Campaign Studio accepts CSV files up to 1 GB encoded in the UTF-8 format. When importing a CSV, you can import up to five files in parallel.


If a user attempts to import more than five files at a time, the additional files enter a ‘delayed’ state. To resolve this, unpublish the files in delayed status import(s) and republish them after the import of one of the files is complete. It ensures that more than five files are not running at a time.

Before importing your CSV file, complete the following steps:

  1. If there are custom fields in the list, create those custom fields in Campaign Studio.

  2. Set up users with company permissions to assign company ownership.

  3. Clean your data, ensuring:

    • No accents or special characters
    • Capitalize names
    • Check formatting on email addresses, phone numbers, data values, etc
  4. Click Import in the menu next to +New.

  5. Choose your UTF-8 encoded CSV file.

  6. Adjust Delimiter, Enclosure, and Escape, if necessary. By default, Campaign Studio uses a comma, quotation mark, and forward slash.

  7. Select an Owner (optional).

  8. Map the fields in your CSV file to the fields you want your data saved to in Campaign Studio.


    If the column header in the CSV matches the Alias of any of your Campaign Studio fields, those columns and fields are mapped.

  9. Click Import.

You may review the import history to see what files you’ve uploaded, how long it took, the number of inserted, updated, or ignored rows (companies), and when the import took place.

Companies Unique Identifier

Companies can have multiple unique identifiers. During a CSV import, Campaign Studio merges companies based on any or all configured unique identifiers to prevent duplicate entries.


Use the merge feature to merge duplicate companies that are manually created through the Companies page, Plugins, or APIs.

Unlike CSV import, these methods introduce duplicate entries because Campaign Studio does not automatically merge the companies with the same unique identifiers.

To get Companies Unique Identifier enabled, contact your Customer Success Managers or Acquia Support.

Creating Company Unique Identifiers

  1. Log in to Campaign Studio.
  2. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner.
  3. Click Custom Fields.
  4. Click +New.
  5. On the New Custom Field page, enter appropriate values in the fields.
  6. In the Object field, select Company.
  7. Configure the fields on the right.
  8. Set the Is Unique Identifier field to Yes. Campaign Studio now uses this custom field as a unique identifier for companies, and merges companies with the same unique identifier when imported through CSV.

Company details

  1. Log in to Campaign Studio.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Companies.

  3. On the Companies page, click the company for which you want to view the details.

    Campaign Studio displays the Company details page with details related to engagements, company score, and contacts assigned to the company.

    company details page


If you’ve identified duplicate companies, you can merge them together by searching for the company you’d like to merge with. This keeps the values of the record you’re merging into. Campaign Studio keeps a field populated in the merge if it’s empty on one record but populated on the other.

View contacts

To view contacts associated with a company, click View Contacts towards the right side of the company’s row.

Companies - View Contacts

Companies list