Campaign Studio

Understanding the Randomizer

Campaign Studio’s Randomizer feature enables users to randomly select contacts from a pre-defined segment. The primary use case is for marketers who want to send a special offer to a small group of contacts. The Randomizer can also enable more powerful, yet manual, A/B testing in campaigns.

To request access to use the Randomizer, create a Support ticket. After the feature is enabled in your instance, create the parent segment from which you want to select a random group of contacts. To keep the parent segment intact, clone it so that you have a duplicate to use for randomization.

  1. In Edit mode for the segment you want to randomize, click the Randomize button in the top right corner.

    The system displays the following dialog box:

  2. Enter the number of contacts that you want in the random segment.

  3. Click Randomize.

    To disable the randomization and return your segment to its full capacity, enter 0 and then click Randomize.