Campaign Studio

2021 Release notes - Campaign Studio

This webpage describes the updates Acquia made to Campaign Studio in 2021. For the latest updates, see Release notes.

Campaign Studio - December 16, 2021

  • Change Scale improvements are made to the CDP connector to support higher volumes of email event data.

  • Change The expiration time for CSRF tokens is extended from 2 hours to 12 hours. Users will see fewer CSRF token errors.

  • Fix Visitors (anonymous contacts) were added to segments, impacting instance performance.

  • Fix Landing page redirects with trailing spaces resulted in 404 errors.

  • Fix Users were not able to modify dynamic email content with multiple options for select filters.

  • Fix Dynamic email content was not properly applied when multiple options were selected for filters using Select - Multiple field types.

  • Fix Emails and previews were getting corrupted after cloning.

  • Fix Field changes in Campaign Studio were not purged for plugins that only sync data from an integration to Campaign Studio.

Campaign Studio - November 18, 2021

  • Feature Date_modified is now set on contact creation.

  • Fix Updates were required in handling of session tokens between Campaign Factory and Campaign Studio.

  • Fix Campaign Builder had an issue that prevented editing due to a timeout.

Campaign Studio - November 16, 2021

  • Change Scale improvements are made to the CDP connector to support higher volumes of email event data.

  • Fix Duplicate contacts were created when attempting to sync the same person across multiple integration objects.

  • Fix Users were able to publish plugins without proper validation of the values in the API key fields unless the integration was authorized previously.

  • Fix Incorrect data appeared when the week time unit was used on email stats charts.

  • Fix Emails created using the legacy email builder opened in the legacy email builder instead of the code mode.

Campaign Studio - November 4, 2021

  • Change Scale improvements are made to reduce the sync time with the Salesforce plugin.

  • Change To help users avoid duplication and circular logic, segment dependency trees now appear for segments that have segment membership filters.

  • Change Users now see Acquia’s new UI by default when logging in to Campaign Factory.

  • Change On failure of a copy, users now see more detailed error messages explaining the failure.

  • Change Users can now see other users they share access with for at least one account, rather than requiring both users to have access to exactly the same accounts.

  • Fix Segment emails with A/B testing variants were not getting copied using Resource Copy because they were not available to get copied without the parent email.

  • Fix A Resource Copy user was required to be assigned for each instance in the Maestro plugin.

  • Fix Users were unable to reset passwords with the Forgot Password link.

  • Fix Instances deleted from the Campaign Factory UI were not fully deleted, so users could not recreate instances with the same subdomain.

  • Fix Campaigns with a Downloads Asset decision followed by an Adjust Contact Points action were not copied.

  • Fix The UI was not responding after a user opened a create/edit modal for an account or instance, and typed anything before the modal loaded.

  • Fix Copying forms with fields not mapped to custom fields failed.

  • Fix Dynamic email content was not working with “state” filters.

  • Fix Campaign events did not execute when a custom field of datetime type had an empty value.

  • Fix In an individual contact record’s preferences, the list of segments the contact is a member of was not appearing properly.

  • Fix The ‘including’ operator for campaign conditions was only allowing for a single value selection.

  • Fix CSV imports were sometimes reverting to the file selection page after field mapping.

  • Fix Use of the word ‘file’ in a CSV file name was making the UI unresponsive when attempting to import the CSV file.

  • Fix The segment editor closed without saving the segment when a user pressed Enter after entering a value for a segment filter.

  • Fix If the from address was specifically set on an email but the reply-to was left blank, the reply-to defaulted to the instance’s configuration setting instead of the email’s set from address.

  • Fix When searching for emails in a Send Email campaign action, the search field expanded too much and broke the UI.

Campaign Studio - October 14, 2021

  • Change Email events are now handled asynchronously.

  • Change Improvements are made to webhook handling for Campaign Studio to CDP connector.

Campaign Studio - October 13, 2021

  • Fix Contact in multiple campaigns was landing on a 500 error page.

  • Fix Focus Item links were not functioning.

Campaign Studio - October 6, 2021

  • Fix CSRF token invalid errors were occuring in Campagin Studio.

  • Fix Campaign Builder was unable to handle multiple tabs and sessions at a time.

Campaign Studio - October 4, 2021

  • Change Legacy Email Builder and Landing Page Builder are discontinued.

Campaign Studio - September 15, 2021

  • Fix Campaign Studio was not syncing contact data to Salesforce due to an incorrect name path set on pending changes.

Campaign Studio - September 3, 2021

  • Change Emojis are now supported in email subject lines.

  • Fix Templates were not getting saved in the new email builder appropriately.

  • Fix Deletion of an A/B test email caused failure of all scheduled jobs.

  • Fix The label for the Save Preferences button was not editable when creating Save Preference Center pages.

  • Fix The option for sending emails in batches was not always sending emails correctly.

Campaign Studio - September 01, 2021

  • Fix Preference Center pages were showing the CSRF error.

Campaign Studio - August 19, 2021

  • Fix Users were unable to close the email builder when adding the B email to an A/B test.

Campaign Studio - August 16, 2021

  • Change If multiple users edit a campaign concurrently, or a user edits the same campaign through multiple tabs, Campaign Studio displays a message after an update is made. This message prompts users to refresh the page and prevent conflicting edits.

  • Change Campaign Studio is enhanced to have the Notifications Settings section in Configuration. This section enables users to specify a comma-separated list of email addresses that must receive notifications about campaigns and webhooks that are automatically unpublished due to a high volume of errors.

  • Change When a custom Favicon icon is not specified in the landing page builder, landing pages use the default browser Favicon icon and not the Campaign Studio logo.

  • Fix The contact count on the segment list page was inaccurate.

  • Fix A/B tests on segment emails were not executed properly. More than expected number of emails were sent in the test group and the winner schedule was not set.

  • Fix When using the Salesforce plugin, some activity types did not sync between Salesforce and Campaign Studio.

  • Fix Based on case sensitivity, duplicate records were created in Salesforce.

  • Fix Text was incorrectly added to emails sent to an address in the CC field using the Send email to user campaign action.

  • Fix Webhook details pages did not open if there were multiple events for the webhook.

  • Fix When using the preview-as-a-contact or send-example-as-a-contact features, dynamic email content was not displayed.

Campaign Studio - July 15, 2021

  • Fix When a page URL exceeded 191 characters, the page hit was not logged in Campaign Studio and an error was displayed.

  • Fix Users experienced an error when creating templates from emails that were built using a deleted template.

  • Fix Contact device campaign conditions didn’t properly recognize the devices.

  • Fix For a campaign with the Jump To Event action and repeated events, the number of executed events was inaccurate. Campaign Studio showed the number of records who had hit each event at least once, instead of the total number of times the event was executed.

  • Fix Page titles were not properly displayed for pages built using the new landing page builder.

  • Fix In reports, when a filter for a date field used an empty or not empty operator, the report crashed and didn’t show the results.

  • Fix Certain elements in the new plugin configuration window didn’t display correctly.

Campaign Studio - June 19, 2021

  • Change Marketing Cloud products, such as Customer Data Platform, Personalization, and Campaign Studio, are visual refreshed. This enhancement improves customer experience and makes navigation easier. Campaign Studio customers who apply custom branding can’t see the new UX at this time.

  • Change Campaign Studio is updated to have the Builder Permissions section for email and landing page builders. You can use this section to create templates, and also create, delete, edit, or view saved rows.

  • Change The IP addresses added to an instance are anonymized if the Anonymize IP Addresses setting is enabled.

  • Change Campaign Studio is updated to have enhanced performance in loading campaign pages and stat graphs.

  • Change The tooltip for A/B testing on segment emails is updated to avoid confusion in the A/B setup process.

  • Fix Users faced intermittent errors when accessing the campaign builder.

  • Fix Users were unable to preview emails or pages with contact data.

  • Fix Non-administrator users were unable to view the Show preview for contact option for emails and landing pages.

  • Fix Even after successful delivery, Campaign Studio attempted to deliver webhooks multiple times resulting in duplicate data.

Campaign Studio - May 18, 2021

  • Fix The Jump to Event campaign action didn’t execute when interval scheduling was used.

  • Fix Campaign Studio’s Randomizer feature for segments didn’t work as expected.

  • Fix In the new email builder, spacing for line breaks in the preview mode was not consistent with the spacing in the emails that were actually sent.

  • Fix Customers were unable to save emails as new templates.

Campaign Studio - May 13, 2021

  • Change The contact list page in segments has enhanced page loading time.

  • Change The segment build speed has improved for large contact counts.

  • Change The campaign details page has enhanced performance.

  • Change The Campaign Studio user interface displays a warning message when you try to unpublish a segment that is used in a campaign or segment filter.

  • Fix The bounce rate winner criteria on landing pages was incorrect.

  • Fix Data import through CSV had an issue.

  • Fix Form results using email templates with Japanese font were not rendered correctly.

  • Fix Customers were unable to edit the existing landing page redirects.

Campaign Studio - April 21, 2021

  • Feature You can create, edit, delete, and list existing global tokens by using Campaign Studio’s API. To enable global tokens, contact your account manager.

  • Change Sparkpost’s click tracking is configurable by instance. If enabled, link clicks are tracked with Campaign Studio’s native click tracking unless the setting to disable trackable URLs is turned on. To have this option enabled, contact Acquia Support.

  • Change This release includes scalability and performance improvements for customers with large amount of data.

  • Change Campaign Studio supports the saved rows feature in the new landing page builder.

  • Fix In certain cases, Campaign Studio created multiple duplicate segments when cloning a segment.

  • Fix Deleted campaign events were not completely deleted from the system and could be processed in the background or included in campaign copies.

  • Fix In certain cases, campaign events were not executed without manual intervention.

  • Fix When a saved row was updated, templates using the saved row weren’t updated automatically.

  • Fix If a form contained fields that were mapped to the fields on the company object, the company fields weren’t updated with the form submission.

  • Fix There were issues with landing pages containing dynamic web content slots with segment membership filters.

  • Fix Campaign Studio didn’t display the preview of landing page for users that are not logged in to an instance.

Campaign Studio - March 22, 2021

  • Change Campaign Studio is now updated to use an enhanced editor.

  • Change While creating segment emails, you can now select one or more segments that you want to exclude from receiving the emails. This feature is in BETA and may negatively impact the performance of large segments.

  • Change The SalesForce Plugin v2 is now enhanced to have improved performance of timeline sync to SalesForce.

  • Change Campaign Studio now allows you to preview emails and pages as a contact, with translations and A/B tests.

  • Fix The A/B Test Stats option in landing page didn’t return accurate data.

  • Fix Date filters didn’t work as expected in reports.

  • Fix For Campaign Studio instances running on MySQL 8, segments didn’t build correctly.

Campaign Studio - February 18, 2021

  • Feature Campaign Studio now supports a new Facebook plugin for matched audiences and lead ads. For more information on setting up this plugin, contact your account manager.

Campaign Studio - February 16, 2021

  • Change Campaign Studio’s new email builder now allows you to save a row of content and reuse the same in future emails. Hence, you can update and manage a row of content, used across emails, quickly. For more information, see Saving content rows.

  • Change Campaign Studio has now been enhanced to have better performance in segments list and segment queries.

  • Fix User was unable to edit the instance configuration.

  • Fix Graph line charts in reports didn’t render properly, as dashboard widgets.

  • Fix User was unable to submit a form.

  • Fix Focus items didn’t work with filters in dynamic web content.

Campaign Studio - January 26, 2021

  • Change Campaign Studio now has improved load time for dashboards and campaigns with large number of contacts.

  • Change You can now exclude email content from webhooks in order to improve performance.

  • Fix Focus items didn’t work in dynamic web content.

  • Fix While importing large CSV files, Campaign Studio incorrectly showed the process to be complete even before the file finished loading.

  • Fix In the Salesforce v2 plugin, inefficient segment queries resulted in failed segment builds.

  • Fix The reordering of custom field didn’t reflect on the contact screen.

  • Fix Users lost the scroll functionality intermittently.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. If you encounter any errors, contact Acquia Support.