Campaign Studio

Release notes - Campaign Studio Mautic Community 4.x merge

Mautic Community 4.2.0 to 4.4.4 - April 17, 2023


  • Change In Campaign Builder, dialog boxes for action events are updated to display enhanced tooltips and form labels in the Execute this event section.

  • Fix When forms were used as campaign sources, contacts were also added to unpublished campaigns.

  • Fix In the Contact field value campaign condition, the date operator did not work correctly.

  • Fix In Campaign Builder, a conditional step placed before a decision step was ignored when a negative decision path was executed.

  • Fix Campaign Studio displayed a 500 error when users clicked Cancel on the New Campaign page.

  • Fix When creating a Contact field value campaign condition, Prefered Locale displayed values as language codes instead of language names.

  • Fix In dropdown lists, Campaign Studio kept displaying the tooltip for an option even after selecting the option.


  • Change A notice message is displayed when users edit and save an email.

  • Change Emoji are supported in email subjects.

  • Change On the Send Email page, the style of the New Email, Edit Email, and Preview Email buttons is changed.

  • Change The Date created, Modified date, and Created by columns are added to the Emails table.

  • Fix The email_queued filter did not show queued emails on the contact list page.

  • Fix HTML emails had accessibility issues because of the missing title tag and lang attribute.

  • Fix In some cases, the unsubscribe form in emails caused issues.

  • Fix Primary company tokens in emails were incorrect.

  • Fix The public URL of newly-created emails was enabled by default.

  • Fix Users could see the preview URL of expired emails.

  • Fix Character count in text messages did not work appropriately.

  • Fix After saving a template email, the Code Mode theme was changed to blank.

  • Fix The multi-select field did not work correctly with the dynamic content block.

  • Fix Campaign Studio converted the tracking pixel image to Base64 in emails when setting the Convert embed images to Base64 toggle bar in Email Settings to Yes.

  • Fix Links in HTML image map tags were not converted into Campaign Studio trackable links.

  • Fix Campaign Studio displayed an error while sending emails with dynamic content when the field in the filter belonged to a company but no company was assigned to the contact.

  • Fix On the Email details page, the graph showed the send count inaccurately.

  • Fix When users selected a date range to view graphs for emails, Campaign Studio displayed the graphs inappropriately.

  • Fix When emails were configured with an unsubscribe feedback form, contacts could not unsubscribe from those emails by clicking the unsubscribe link in the emails.

Contact management

  • Change The DETAILS tab on the Contact details and Company details pages is updated to display only the fields that have details.

  • Change The Description field is added to the Create new tag and Edit tag pages.

  • Change Users cannot set the format option for date form types when HTML5 is set to true.

  • Fix When creating leads by imports or APIs, boolean values that do not use true or false were stored as FALSE instead of NULL.

  • Fix The import process failed for some CSV files.

  • Fix Contact’s import was displaying the Points option twice.

  • Fix Contact email validation check was inefficient.

  • Fix Contact creation and import processes crashed for new contacts with a text field with more than 191 characters.

  • Fix When Export to CSV and Export to Excel operations were performed for more than 10,000 contacts, duplicate entries were created in the exported files.

  • Fix When importing contacts, Campaign Studio overrides the existing values despite setting the Don’t overwrite value if already exists toggle bar to Yes.

  • Fix When the Campaign Studio instance had more than 100 companies, users could not search companies on the New Company or Edit Company page.

  • Fix Campaign Studio did not return a validation error on adding an email address with two dots. For example,


  • Fix The primary company of the contact did not get updated appropriately when one or more companies were removed.

  • Fix Clicking the pop-up link after saving a company displayed the Company details page instead of the Edit Company page.

  • Fix On the Company details page, the header text for the company’s owner was Contact owner instead of Company owner.

  • Fix Campaign Studio displayed unclear error messages when users did not use the company name as a unique field and imported a company without a unique field.


  • Feature Campaign Studio provides a new event for dynamic web content filters that plugins can use to match the filters based on the data they have.

  • Change The Results column is added to the Landing Pages table to display the number of leads who submitted a form in a specific landing page.

  • Change The Date created, Modified date, and Created by columns are added to the Landing Pages table.

  • Change The Date created, Modified date, and Created by columns are added to the Assets table.

  • Change The Use the latest asset from the category option is removed from the Download an asset form action dialog box.

  • Fix Forms created with the Send form results action with the Reply to contact option set to Yes had some bugs.

  • Fix The Mapped Field tab in the form field editor displayed unpublished custom fields.

  • Fix Some of the progressive profiling features were not working appropriately.

  • Fix Users could not save the form when they used certain special characters in form fields.

  • Fix Campaign Studio did not send emails when users configured the CC and BCC fields but did not configure the TO field in the Send form result dialog box.


  • Change The Date created, Modified date, and Created by columns are added to the Contact Segments table.

  • Fix The query to build the segment membership filter was incorrect.

  • Fix The Segments page displayed the segments in an incorrect order.

  • Fix On the Contact Segments page, order of segments did not work on any column.

  • Fix Regex filters did not work appropriately.


  • Fix The tracking pixel was not triggered for pages for which the title was longer than 191 characters.

  • Fix Users could generate custom field aliases only by using reserved words.

  • Fix On the New Custom Field page, users could select multiple default values.

  • Fix elFinder localization did not work appropriately.

  • Fix Users received an error while saving a Select custom field with empty label and value.

  • Fix Users could edit the default value for fields used to identify a contact or company. Some of the examples of such fields are Email, First name, and Last name.

  • Fix When Automatically update on save? was set to Yes in the Clearbit plugin, the API key got cleared.

  • Fix Campaign Studio displayed a validation error when attempting to create a custom field with field type as Date.

  • Fix When the Use owner as mailer toggle bar was to No, customers received a JavaScript error while attempting to subscribe to or unsubscribe from emails.

  • Fix Users could create and delete dynamic web content without having appropriate role permissions.

  • Fix The field list in integration displayed the Contact ID, Contact’s timeline link, and Do not contact by email options incorrectly.


  • Fix The report of Asset Downloads displayed the rows incorrectly.

  • Fix The dates in report filters were converting to UTC format and causing issues with filtering.

  • Fix The not equal filter for reports did not work accurately.

  • Fix Reports exported to Excel did not display data as numerical values for aggregate functions.

Webhooks and APIs

  • Fix New or Edit Form API did not allow sending certain fields with HTML tags.

  • Fix Emails sent to contacts through the API endpoint did not have the owner’s email address as the sender’s email address, despite setting the Use owner as mailer toggle bar to Yes.


  • Change Campaign Studio is updated to support PHP 8.0.

  • Change The Calendar page is localized.

  • Fix For the columns on the pages such Campaigns, Segments, and Emails, the placement and order of the order by icon was incorrect.

  • Fix The keep me logged in checkbox on the Campaign Studio login page did not work as expected.

Mautic Community 4.0.0 to 4.1.2 - March 04, 2022


  • Change The Date Created, Modified Date and Created by columns are added to the Campaigns and Forms lists. By default, both lists are sorted by modified date (descending).

  • Fix Campaign conditions using including/excluding operators for company fields of the Select type returned errors.

  • Fix Form field conditions in campaigns did not recognize values with special characters.

  • Fix Users were unable to add contacts to and remove contacts from a campaign in the same action.

  • Fix Events following the No path of a campaign decision could be triggered before execution of previous events.

  • Fix When forms had duplicate names, only the higher ID was available to select as a campaign source.


  • Change The buttons on the email and landing page Edit pages are reordered.

  • Change The Apply button on the New Email page is renamed to Save.

  • Change File names of the new images uploaded to email and landing pages are sanitized by replacing spaces with hyphens.

  • Change Custom CSS can be added to focus items.

  • Feature A character counter is added to the Text Message editor.

  • Fix In the emails list, the Published and Unpublished toggle bar did not work appropriately.

  • Fix For some email transports, the From name on the email did not change until a From address was set.

  • Fix Multi-page forms did not work in focus items.

  • Fix Users were unable to set translations for segment emails.

  • Fix Headers in emails sent in batches through the Amazon SES API contained unsubscribe links for all contacts in the batch.

  • Fix Users were able to send unpublished SMS messages through campaigns.

Contact management

  • Feature The Import Contacts page provides the Skip field import if value exist option to restrict overwriting of fields if a value already exists in the field on a contact record.

  • Change Contacts imported from a CSV file are matched with existing contacts by Contact ID.

  • Change When creating or editing a contact record, an error message is displayed if no value exists for a mandatory contact field.

  • Change Clickable campaign IDs are added to the campaign list of contacts.

  • Change Multiple default values can be used for Select - Multiple custom fields.

  • Change Companies can be searched by a custom field.

  • Change Segment memberships are displayed on the Contact detail page.

  • Change Values in the Total Rows, Inserted, and Updated columns on the import history page can be clicked to view the contacts belonging to each category.

  • Fix Tags with spaces in the name were not properly recognized for contact searches or segment filters.

  • Fix Contacts imported from a CSV file could not be marked as Do Not Contact.


  • Change Companies can have multiple unique identifiers and can be merged by any (OR) or all (AND) configured unique keys.


  • Change The tooltip for the Render Style option on the New Form and Edit Form pages is enhanced.

  • Fix Filters for tags in dynamic web content slots could not be saved.

  • Fix When a select field on a form created through API did not have a placeholder, a PHP notice was displayed.

  • Fix When a user was not selected in the Send email to user form action, the email was delivered to the contact who submitted the form.

  • Fix In the Send form results form action, values were displayed instead of labels.

  • Fix Dynamic web content was not displayed properly when using date field filters.

  • Fix Dynamic web content was not displayed when filters used the Starts with, Ends with, or Contains operators.

  • Fix The UI locked up when a language was not selected for assets.

  • Fix Points were not updated in webhook payloads when the Change Points and Send a Webhook form actions co-existed.

  • Fix In the Send form results form action, links to download submitted files used the non-functional relative path.

  • Fix Results for State data did not populate in Send form results emails.

  • Fix Forms with field validation messages over 191 characters caused errors.


  • Change The include/exclude operators with pipe-separated values are supported in Text field types in segment filters.


  • Feature The tracking code automatically detects the Preferred Timezone and Preferred Locale fields.

  • Feature The Do Not Track 404 error for anonymous contacts configuration option is added to not track page hits on any 404 error page tracked by the tracking code.

  • Change For known and anonymous contacts, UTM tags are always recorded from a page URL.

  • Change For a textarea custom field, HTML can be stored as the value.

  • Fix Callback URLs for email transports returned an error.

  • Fix URLs to join webinars through the GoToWebinar plugin were getting saved to the database.

  • Fix The {webinar_link} and {webinar_button} tokens for the GoToWebinar plugin did not reference a link.

  • Fix Frequency rules only allowed one message per day per channel.


  • Change The Stage Name and Stage Date Added columns are added in Contact reports.

  • Feature A new report type is added for the contact segment activity log.

  • Fix When campaign data columns were included in an Emails report, Campaign Studio displayed duplicate rows in the report.

  • Fix Owners could not be chosen in Contact report filters.

  • Fix When date ranges in segment graphs and reports were changed, Campaign Studio displayed a spinning wheel and did not display the requested data.

  • Fix Reports did not display 0 Boolean values and Select contact fields.

  • Fix When using the Download count and Unique download count columns on Assets Downloaded reports, the assets were improperly grouped.


  • Feature Campaign Studio provides a tag manager to help you view, create, and delete existing tags within an instance.


  • Feature The page source code displays the details of changes in an item’s audit log.

  • Change Category information is added in Segment API data.

  • Fix The GET /api/contacts command returned the total value as a string instead of an integer.

  • Fix The Multiselect field of a contact could not be set to empty through API.

  • Fix Empty field values returned empty arrays instead of objects when using the API to call contact data.

  • Fix When new tags with special characters such as quotes, apostrophes, or whitespace in the beginning/end of the string were created through API, duplicate tags were created.


  • Feature Campaign Studio provides the Best email read hours dashboard widget that helps you view the times when emails are most read.