Release notes - Campaign Studio Symfony upgrade 4.x


  • Change The Date Created, Modified Date and Created by columns are added to the Campaigns and Forms lists. By default, both lists are sorted by modified date (descending).
  • Fix Campaign conditions using including/excluding operators for company fields of the Select type returned errors.
  • Fix Form field conditions in campaigns did not recognize values with special characters.
  • Fix Users were unable to add contacts to and remove contacts from a campaign in the same action.
  • Fix Events following the No path of a campaign decision could be triggered before execution of previous events.
  • Fix When forms had duplicate names, only the higher ID was available to select as a campaign source.


  • Change The buttons on the email and landing page Edit pages are reordered.
  • Change The Apply button on the New Email page is renamed to Save.
  • Change File names of the new images uploaded to email and landing pages are sanitized by replacing spaces with hyphens.
  • Change Custom CSS can be added to focus items.
  • Feature A character counter is added to the Text Message editor.
  • Fix In the emails list, the Published and Unpublished toggle bar did not work appropriately.
  • Fix For some email transports, the From name on the email did not change until a From address was set.
  • Fix Multi-page forms did not work in focus items.
  • Fix Users were unable to set translations for segment emails.
  • Fix Headers in emails sent in batches through the Amazon SES API contained unsubscribe links for all contacts in the batch.
  • Fix Users were able to send unpublished SMS messages through campaigns.

Contact management

  • Feature The Import Contacts page provides the Skip field import if value exist option to restrict overwriting of fields if a value already exists in the field on a contact record.
  • Change Contacts imported from a CSV file are matched with existing contacts by Contact ID.
  • Change When creating or editing a contact record, an error message is displayed if no value exists for a mandatory contact field.
  • Change Clickable campaign IDs are added to the campaign list of contacts.
  • Change Multiple default values can be used for Select - Multiple custom fields.
  • Change Companies can be searched by a custom field.
  • Change Segment memberships are displayed on the Contact detail page.
  • Change Values in the Total Rows, Inserted, and Updated columns on the import history page can be clicked to view the contacts belonging to each category.
  • Fix Tags with spaces in the name were not properly recognized for contact searches or segment filters.
  • Fix Contacts imported from a CSV file could not be marked as Do Not Contact.


  • Change Companies can have multiple unique identifiers and can be merged by any (OR) or all (AND) configured unique keys.


  • Change The tooltip for the Render Style option on the New Form and Edit Form pages is enhanced.
  • Fix Filters for tags in dynamic web content slots could not be saved.
  • Fix When a select field on a form created through API did not have a placeholder, a PHP notice was displayed.
  • Fix When a user was not selected in the Send email to user form action, the email was delivered to the contact who submitted the form.
  • Fix In the Send form results form action, values were displayed instead of labels.
  • Fix Dynamic web content was not displayed properly when using date field filters.
  • Fix Dynamic web content was not displayed when filters used the Starts with, Ends with, or Contains operators.
  • Fix The UI locked up when a language was not selected for assets.
  • Fix Points were not updated in webhook payloads when the Change Points and Send a Webhook form actions co-existed.
  • Fix In the Send form results form action, links to download submitted files used the non-functional relative path.
  • Fix Results for State data did not populate in Send form results emails.
  • Fix Forms with field validation messages over 191 characters caused errors.


  • Change The include/exclude operators with pipe-separated values are supported in Text field types in segment filters.


  • Feature The tracking code automatically detects the Preferred Timezone and Preferred Locale fields.
  • Feature The Do Not Track 404 error for anonymous contacts configuration option is added to not track page hits on any 404 error page tracked by the tracking code.
  • Change For known and anonymous contacts, UTM tags are always recorded from a page URL.
  • Change For a textarea custom field, HTML can be stored as the value.
  • Fix Callback URLs for email transports returned an error.
  • Fix URLs to join webinars through the GoToWebinar plugin were getting saved to the database.
  • Fix The {webinar_link} and {webinar_button} tokens for the GoToWebinar plugin did not reference a link.
  • Fix Frequency rules only allowed one message per day per channel.


  • Change The Stage Name and Stage Date Added columns are added in Contact reports.
  • Feature A new report type is added for the contact segment activity log.
  • Fix When campaign data columns were included in an Emails report, Campaign Studio displayed duplicate rows in the report.
  • Fix Owners could not be chosen in Contact report filters.
  • Fix When date ranges in segment graphs and reports were changed, Campaign Studio displayed a spinning wheel and did not display the requested data.
  • Fix Reports did not display 0 Boolean values and Select contact fields.
  • Fix When using the Download count and Unique download count columns on Assets Downloaded reports, the assets were improperly grouped.


  • Feature Campaign Studio provides a tag manager to help you view, create, and delete existing tags within an instance.


  • Feature The page source code displays the details of changes in an item’s audit log.
  • Change Category information is added in Segment API data.
  • Fix The GET /api/contacts command returned the total value as a string instead of an integer.
  • Fix The Multiselect field of a contact could not be set to empty through API.
  • Fix Empty field values returned empty arrays instead of objects when using the API to call contact data.
  • Fix When new tags with special characters such as quotes, apostrophes, or whitespace in the beginning/end of the string were created through API, duplicate tags were created.


  • Feature Campaign Studio provides the Best email read hours dashboard widget that helps you view the times when emails are most read.