Campaign Studio

Audit log report

The audit log report helps administrators analyze data about all changes made to all objects and by all users for purposes of debugging issues and evaluating changes made to the system. This option is visible only to administrators because it can contain sensitive data about the system and other Campaign Studio users.

With the audit log report, users can filter by objects, IDs, user IDs, and date and time of the changes.


The primary difference between various reports is the data available for such reports. Columns that are available for the audit log report are:




The action that was performed. For example, create, update, and delete.

Date Added

The date when the event log was created.


The previous and current values of the field that was changed. The first value for the field is the original value and the second value is the new value.


The information in the Details field is in the JSON format because this field can contain unstructured data.

IP Address

The IP address where the change was made.


The object that was changed. For example, segment, page, and email.


In reports, contacts are named as leads.

Object ID

The Campaign Studio ID of the object.


The name of the Campaign Studio user who made the change.

User ID

The Campaign Studio ID of the user who made the change.

Creating an audit log report

  1. Log in to Campaign Studio.

  2. In the left navigation pane, click Reports.

  3. On the Reports page, click +New.

    The system displays the New report page.

  4. On the Details tab, fill in the appropriate fields and complete toggle bar settings for your report.

  5. In the Data Source dropdown, select Audit Log.

  6. Click the Data tab and build your report.

    For more information, see Data in reports.

  7. Click Save.

You can schedule audit log reports to send through email and export reports in the .csv, Excel, or HTML format.


The option to add an audit log for segment email send, schedule, or cancel was released on August 30, 2023. Therefore, the audit logs for these operations are only captured for events if the segment email sends were created after this date.