Campaign Studio

Acquia DAM integration

Campaign Studio provides integration with Acquia DAM through the Acquia DAM block in the email and landing page builders. With this block, you can search and use assets such as images and videos that are hosted on Acquia DAM.

The following are the requirements for using Acquia DAM with Campaign Studio:

  • A subscription to Acquia DAM
  • A user account in Acquia DAM
  • Assets uploaded to Acquia DAM

For more information, see Acquia DAM documentation.


You can only upload assets to Acquia DAM and use them in the Campaign Studio. However, you cannot upload assets from Campaign Studio to Acquia DAM.

Configuring the subdomain of your DAM account

  1. Log in to your Campaign Studio instance.
  2. In the upper right corner, click the Settings gear icon to expand the menu.
  3. Click the Configuration tab.

    The system displays the Configurations menu on the left.

  4. In the Configurations menu, click the User/Authentication Settings tab.
  5. In the Subdomain field, enter the name of the subdomain of your DAM account.

    For example, if your subdomain is, then enter mysubdomain.

    For more information, see DAM Integration Settings.

Logging in to your Acquia DAM account

  1. Log in to your Campaign Studio instance.
  2. Start with the steps to build a new email or landing page.
  3. Click Builder and locate the Acquia DAM block.

    For more information, see the following:

  4. Drag the Acquia DAM block and drop it in the content area on the left.
  5. On the Acquia DAM block, click Select Image.

    The system displays the Acquia DAM login page.


    If you have not configured the subdomain of your DAM account correctly, the system displays an error message and you must reconfigure the subdomain.

  6. Enter your Acquia DAM user credentials and click Sign In.

    The system displays a page requesting authorization to allow Campaign Studio to access your Acquia DAM account.

  7. Click Allow.

    The system redirects you to the account and displays a pop-up window containing your Acquia DAM content.

  8. Search and select the asset that you want to import.
  9. On the bottom of the asset, click the Share icon.

    The system displays the Share dialog box.

  10. In the What kind of link do you need? dropdown, choose your preferred option and click Done.