API credentials

To use the API functionality in Campaign Studio, you must configure API settings and then enable API credentials. These configurations are located in two different parts of the UI in Settings.

Configuring API settings

For information about how to configure API settings, see API settings.

For more API Campaign Studio documentation, see:

Enabling API credentials

To enable API credentials:

  1. Log in to Campaign Studio.

  2. Click the Settings icon.

  3. Click API Credentials.

  4. Click New.

  5. On the Credentials - New Credential page, in the drop-down list, select OAuth 2.

  6. In Name, enter a name for the API credential.

  7. In Redirect URI, enter one or more URIs that have API access.

  8. Click Save & Close.

Obtaining a new access token

  1. Make a POST to the access token’s endpoint oauth/v2/token using the client_credentials grant type:

    POST /oauth/v2/token

    The response returned should be a JSON encoded string:

         access_token: "NEW_ACCESS_TOKEN",
         expires_in: 3600,
         token_type: "bearer",
         scope: ""